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A certified, award-winning mortgage agent, Krystina Fincham has over 16 years’ experience in the mortgage and financial industry.  With access to over 50 different lenders nationwide, Krystina will find you the best possible mortgage solution to suit your needs and financial goals.  Krystina’s proven process will ensure your mortgage application gets approved when other lenders and banks are saying no!

In addition to this, Krystina is a cash flow planning expert.  She works with Financial Advisors and their clients to address debt and cash flow needs.  Krystina’s key priority is to deliver a positive and engaging customer experience – both before and after the implementation of a mortgage.  Her cash flow plans help clients realize that financial stability begins with the right mortgage as well as debt management.  Krystina helps to ensure that income and investment funds are planned at the right levels to meet daily needs, while keeping an eye to the future.

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Working with Krystina

For years, Advisors have provided financial advice in terms of investments, insurance and estate planning.  However if the debt and cash flow planning is not part of the financial plan, these long term goals are not being achieved.  A critical part of financial planning is to look extensively at the debt and cash flow side of the equation.

Krystina partners with Advisors to assist their clients with their mortgage and cash flow so that they realize their short and long term financial goals.

“Krystina has become my go to resource for mortgage and lending solutions. I am completely confident entrusting my clients to Krystina, knowing that they are working with a knowledgeable professional who respects the relationship I have built with them. Beginning at the point of referral through to funding, she always keeps me well apprised of the status of each case. From first time home buyers to experienced borrowers, clients frequently thank me for making the referral to Krystina and express appreciation for her approach.”

–  Jeff Harris, MBA, CFP, Financial Advisor